Personal Post: How do books affect my life?

As you know, I  put up a poll asking what I should do for personal blog posts, and I thought this one was a good idea. A person had an idea that I should blog about how books affect my life. So this is what I’m going to do!

Since I’ve been reading since I was really little, reading has been a major part of my life. I probably started learning to read when I was about 4. Reading is just one of those things that you can do when you’re bored, tired, or upset and you want something to calm you down. Reading affects my life like that. Usually, every Christmas, or Birthday, I get books (which I’m perfectly fine with that! I usually get interesting books😃) and they all turn out to be a really good book. I’ve pretty much given myself the title of a “Bookworm”, because I’m always reading all the time (😂)

If had to list the most important things in my life, books would be on that list along with my family and friends. If I never read, I would have .2 knowledge of Greek Mythology, and a lot of my knowledge comes from books. So, I’m so very happy that I’m a bookworm, and that books exist! Everyday at lunch, I’ll go to the library, and pretty much after I’m done with my homework everyday, I’ll read. My library at home is also huge, and I’ve read every book (pretty much).

My bookshelf!

My bookshelf!

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Quick Poll

Hey Guys,

I’m probably going to do some occasional personal posts, like DIY, or something else. But I have no idea what to do! So would you please put your input in this poll thing?

I really appreciate this! Thank you! If you can’t do the poll for some reason, or you have a long suggestion, kindly put it in the comments.

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The Lost Hero:Rick Riordan| Summary and Review

The Lost Hero, is a virtual continuation of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, except slightly different. Instead of in 1st person point of view, Riordan wrote it as 3rd person, with 3 different characters. The titles of each chapters would be something like, XVI Jason.  The book would show the points of view from 3 different characters, instead of just Percy. Also, this series isn’t based on Greek Mythology, it also is based on Roman Mythology as well.


Jason had no idea where on earth he was, he couldn’t remember anything either. Yet, he could remember one thing, a girl named Thalia, Jason could make an exact picture of her for some reason. Jason’s friend Piper was irritated, he seemed to be brainwashed. He even forgot Piper’s name. Piper was confused, he seemed to not know what was happening. Leo didn’t seem to care, he was doing his own thing. The three were with their school on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

Then this girl named Annabeth Chase came into the scene. She seemed to be looking for someone. Jason, Piper, and Leo heard that she was looking for someone named Percy Jackson. Their “P.E Coach”, Gleeson Hedge turned out to be something even weirder, he wasn’t a human, he was a satyr. Annabeth and Gleeson Hedge, took the three to this camp all the way in Long Island, New York. This camp was called, “Camp Half Blood”.

Jason kept on calling all the Gods, their Roman name. Such as whenever someone would mention Hera, Jason would automatically say “Juno”. Jason, Piper, and Leo soon found out their Godly parent. Jason was the son of Zeus, Piper daughter of Aphrodite, and Leo son of Hephaestus (Pronounced He-Fest-us). Jason went to see the Oracle of Delphi, a girl named Rachel Dare. She said a prophecy, that meant a camper had to go on a mission. Jason was chosen, and he took Piper and Leo. He had a secret crush on Piper, and Leo asked if he could go. Jason said Leo could go as long he could find a ride.

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Happy Winter Break!

Hey Guys! I am so very sorry that I haven’t posted since the summer. Since I’m only a sixth grader, and I  am very busy with school and other things, I haven’t been able to post! This Winter Break, I will try my very best to post and keep updated this Winter Break, since I have more time. I’m probably going to post some DIY, in this new Personal Blog section, and do a book review on The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. Happy Holidays!


The Mysterious Benedict Society: Trenton Lee Stewart: A Summary & Review


In Stonetown, gifted children were called to a building called the Monk Building, to take a series of tests. Only four children succeeded, Reynie Muldoon, George “Sticky” Washington, Kate Wetherall, and  Constance Contraire.  Soon enough they met Mr. Benedict, who gave them a very dangerous mission.

The children must go to the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened (L.I.V.E), and learn every thing they can, with their gifted minds.

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Who’s your favorite author?

This is just a mini poll for fun. I obviously don’t have every author in the world on this poll, so I have an OTHER section. There, you can put in your OWN fav author. 😉😉😉😉😉

I just want to see who likes what authors. If you don’t know who some of these authors are… these are some famous books by these authors:

  1. J.K Rowling (Harry Potter series)
  2. Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson series)
  3. Grace Lin (Where the Mountain meets the Moon)
  4. Lois Lowry (The Giver series)